Data analysis

A wealth of climate data exists, among others in the renowned Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS). Yet, the data are often inaccessible due to their difficult format, inappropriate resolution or raw character that is not tailored to the need of stakeholders active in the field. We unlock these data by translating raw climate data into actionable information, e.g. as agro-climate indicators. We use temperature, precipitation and a variety of other climate data from past climate reconstruction (‘ERA5 reanalysis’) and future climate projections up to 2100 (‘CMIP5 projections’), to calculate operational agro-climate indicators that are offered within CLIMTAGTM. The CMIP5 climate projections are bias-corrected to strengthen their consistency with the past observed climate. Based on orographic information, the indicators are downscaled to a resolution of 1km x 1km to ensure practical applicability in the field.